Trigeneration is a procedure similar to cogeneration in which it produces cold, as well as electrical energy and heat. The combination of cogeneration with absorption gives rise to trigeneration. Absorption is a process by which cold can be obtained from a heat source.

The residual heat that is obtained is the sum produced by the generation of electricity, plus the subtraction of the refrigeration process. With what is achieved more heat even at lower temperatures, with the disadvantage that the possible applications of this heat can be reduced.

In the summer, the demand for heat drops considerably, so the heat produced in the cogeneration equipment can be used to generate cold for the necessary air conditioning at this time. In this way, three types of energy are obtained from a primary energy (natural gas), together with an important economic saving and a good alternative for the environment.

Genelek Sistemas designs, manufactures, supplies and carries out the commissioning of control panels, protection and synchronization of generator groups for trigeneration, as well as control panels and regulation of thermal recovery process systems in the trigeneration plants.

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